Countdown to lift-off!

Dermatology office called about MOHS procedure on my nose.

“Would an appointment for this Friday, the 5th, be okay?” I thoroughly explain my vagabond plans to the physician’s assistant.  I need her informed opinion.  “What is the likelihood of me being in a condition to leave Georgia on August 13th?”

She tells me about the procedure, the stitches, and the possibility of a skin graft, depending upon what is found under the surface.  In any event, if I have the procedure this Friday, she predicts I’ll be good to go in a week’s time.

So August 13th remains the launch date for rvsue and her canine crew!

The doctor may choose to use dissolving stitches and my follow-up can be done elsewhere via technology and photos or by visiting another dermatology clinic.

She says I’ll have some bruising and swelling.

Oh.  So I may greet the folks at the Casita factory with a rhinoceros nose.  I was going to have my picture taken standing in front of my new trailer in the showroom.  Nix that idea.  I do have my pride.

Twelve.  More.  Days.



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12 Responses to Countdown to lift-off!

  1. Carmen says:

    Good to hear that so far all is good for your travels and dermatologist. I bet your getting excited, I would be. They will want to take your picture with your new Casita with there own camera and if you like, with your own camera. With us, they took our picture and then about a month or two later we recieved a calendar with our picture attached.
    Those twelve days are going to fly by. Relax and enjoy the journey.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Carmen!

      Oh boy! This is just great! I’m going to have a calendar of my disfigured face to look at all year long, lest I forget! LOL

      Maybe I’ll take a tip from Bob (see comment to previous page) and wrap a bandana around my face. Instead of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, it’ll be the Lone Ranger and Spike and Bridget!

      Thanks for your good wishes. I do hope the upcoming days fly by.

  2. Kim says:

    Maybe it’s just a matter of having the right band-aids. How about these bacon bandaids:

    If that doesn’t suit, wear the horse’s head mask.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Very weird, Kim. . . Bacon is supposed to have healing powers.

      I remember throwing a strip of bacon over my left shoulder when I was a kid. It was supposed to get rid of a wart. Unfortunately, I was in the kitchen at the time and the bacon flew in behind the refrigerator.

      The wart eventually went away so I can say it worked. So a bacon bandaid on the nose. Cute.

  3. Reine says:

    Maybe not bacon but check out the cute ones they have for kids. Maybe a dinosaur or spiderman bandaid on the nose would look cute in a picture?

    We’re looking forward to you getting to Texas but be prepared for HOT, HOT, HOT. Currently 107 at 5 pm in Rice and expected to be above 100 for the next 10 days. This summer is setting records and not the right kind. Make plans to camp with hookups so you can run the AC.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Definitely hookups. And motels on the way there, too! I’m all for saving money, but I’m no fool.

      107? Not the kind of weather where you want to be trying to learn how to hitch up a trailer. I’m at a point where I’m ready to walk into a furnace to get my life moving along!

      The band aid advice is under consideration. LOL

  4. Reine says:

    Hopefully your pickup is scheduled for the MORNING…and early morning at that. I think they open at 8:00 AM.

  5. Mumsy says:

    It sounds like all is continuing to go well and I hope it keeps right on doing so. Wishing you all the best with the surgery. Hugs

  6. Jack says:

    Good luck with all that but suggest you stay with same doc till complete. Holloween is upcoming so this might be an advantage.

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