Every day’s an adventure?

My plan this morning is to start early.

I want to take more stuff out to the van and re-organize everything to make sure the weight is toward the front.  It shouldn’t be difficult.  However, by 9 0’clock the heat and humidity makes it impossible to work outside for more than 10 minutes.  So I get a bit done by repeating the cycle of 10 minutes outside, followed by 10 minutes inside in the air conditioning.  Janie and the crew follow suit.

While lying under the A/C vent, I get a fantastic idea!

I’ll make a schematic!  Oooh.  I love doing stuff like this.  I draw a grid of the PTV area with rectangles for each storage box, three rows of three each.  Then as I rearrange boxes and their contents, I list the contents in each rectangle on my neat sheet that I’ll hang on the inside of one of the doors!  Isn’t that great?

Quit groaning.

Everyone is different and lovely in their own way.  I happen to like doing schematic drawings, okay?  Hey, it beats going through nine big boxes looking for a paring knife.  I don’t like to use stick-on labels.  As soon as I do that, I change what’s in the box and then the label is wrong and so it goes  This way, if I move something, I just erase on my handy-dandy schematic!

Now you know I’m the kid you didn’t want to know in school.

Keep reading, the adventure is just getting started.  The crew alerts me to a package at the front door.  My new Rhino-flex sewer hose!  Oh boy.  It’s so neat . . .  You should see all its wonderful features.  Once I get over that thrill, I take a bunch of paper and cardboard to the landfill for recycling!  I wave to the convicts who work there!  Drive into town!  Go to the pet store and buy Bridget a black-bra harness like Spikey’s!  Eat a plate of chicken fingers, cole slaw and fries!  Wonder why the oil light comes on when the PTV doesn’t need oil!  Make a mental note to have the sensor replaced!  Take some junk out of the mailbox!  Walk into the house!  Alert Janie and the crew, “I’m home!”

Whew!  I’m worn out from all this excitement!

I hear a thunderstorm coming this way.  Spikey will be rooting  around to hide his face in the pillows behind my back.  Apparently he figures if he doesn’t see the monster, the monster won’t see him.  At least he’s got a plan.  Maybe I’ll play a few games of “Panda Poet” (a word game) on my kindle.  If the storm kills the lights, I’ve got my new clip-on LED light that throws a cozy glow.  Life is good.

Oh my, is that a watermelon I hear calling from the fridge?

Some days are pretty ordinary.  No, not ordinary.  Let’s say . . .  they’re special in their own way.



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10 Responses to Every day’s an adventure?

  1. Reine says:

    “I’ll make a schematic! ” I can relate. For years we camped with either a small utility trailer or with a bed frame in our van with boxes underneath and a mattress on the top. I had schematics of each layout and labels on all the boxes. I still have the packing lists of what was in each box! Hey, I reused the original list from 1982 for at least 20 years. Now that we have the Casita, I’m not quite as organized but I’m getting there. It’s soooo much easier when everything has it’s place and you know what the place is.

  2. Kim says:

    Us left-brainers make the world go round! Schematics are sensible on every level.

    The adventure IS just getting started. How exciting!

    Is your GPS programmed for Rice?

  3. Mumsy says:

    I love reading your posts…they are most interesting. I have watermelon in the fridge and I think now that yours is calling I think I hear mine also. lol I guess I will go have a slice. Hugs

  4. I’m also that kid! Love a good schematic, just makes the world seem a bit more, well, tidy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And isn’t it good that we never succeed in making the world a tidy place.

      Welcome to my blog, Kittie Rue! Love your art . . . Your colors are wonderfully untidy!

  5. Hi Sue, Love your blog. You have a real gift for humor in your writing. Thought it interesting that you are deciding what to take. The first year of our fulltime, we gained 1,000 pounds. I know this because we bought a new rig and there was a weigh-in. I seriously thought I was buying NADA. HA, that was not so true. So, you will soon decide what you do and don’t use. Such Fun!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      1,000 pounds of can’t live without!

      When I was reorganizing and redistributing things in boxes to move the weight forward, I looked at items I packed weeks ago….. “What was I thinking packing THAT!” .

      Thanks for the compliment. I look forward to the day — as I’m sure my readers do, too — when I actually have something to write about!

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