Wrapping things up

We’re going from gross to glamorous today.

While wandering around amazon.com, I read some reviews by people who were replacing the Casita sewer hose, which, they complained, was cheaply made and therefore unreliable. (A sewer hose is included with new Casita travel trailers.)  All it took was one reviewer’s warning: You don’t want to find out too late that the factory-supplied hose is prone to leaks.

Yeah, you got that right. 

The picture in my mind of poop soup flowing out of a sewer hose had me ordering a better quality hose right on the spot.  This is something I don’t want to mess with.

I also included in the order a hose support, chock blocks, levelers (I’ll have wood levelers, too!), 30/15 amp adapter, 30/50 amp adapter, a tiny dish drain (designed for rvs), a mesh organizer for the shower, museum putty, Command hooks, and metal shower hooks.

And back in the real world . . . at the dollar store . . .

I picked up some packages of rug anti-slip sheets (similar to shelf-liner) for the PTV, a mesh hamper bag, and a carpet square that I know I’ll put to good use somewhere.

Thanks, readers, for helping me with the shopping list.

I’ve finally finished emptying out the storage room of things I will take with me.  I made an interesting discovery!  No, it wasn’t a chest full of old, silver coins. In the boxes of stuff that once belonged to my uncle, I found a RoadPro.  It’s a “Car Emergency Air Compressor – 12v, 200 psi.”  Might come in handy.  Nice big light on it, too.  You can find a similar one by clicking on Amazon.com air compressor.

It’s got to be done sometime . . .

I packed up family photos, old report cards, school play programs, letters, cards, children’s drawings and writings, and other keepsakes.  These go to my daughter and grandchildren.  I carefully wrapped the breakables in tissue paper .  . . the figurines of my ceramic nativity scene, knicknacks and decorative items, heirlooms and gifts I’ve received over the years.

Next I packed up my father’s and uncle’s papers, photos, medals, caps, badges, and such from their service in WWII.  I want to give these items to sister Pauline in Mississippi.  Pauline has always had an interest in history, and her son and son-in-law will appreciate the historical value of these items, too.  One of these days I’ll tell you about my father’s and uncle’s WWII service.  Incredible experiences!

Scaling down is a good thing. 

We scale down in order to fit our lives into a travel trailer (or any rv, for that matter).  However, have you ever thought about how this removes the tedious burden from family members, that awful task of sorting through emotionally-charged items after we’ve passed on?  If you’ve ever had that task fall upon you, you know what a big favor this is!  I feel good that it’s done.

Enough with the sewer hose and packing and serious talk .  .  . geez, how dreadful.   It’s time to inject a little glamour.

The crew got a postcard from Florida!  

Dear Spike, Bridget, and Janie, Hi, guys! I’m off to the dog park! Wish you were here. Love, your cousin, Marg



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10 Responses to Wrapping things up

  1. William B. Kelleher says:

    In the for what it’s worth dept.
    My 2009 Scamp came with a 30a – 15a adapter.

    You might want to check what comes with your trailer.

    Bill Kelleher

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill!

      It’s not on the list from Casita. I’ll probably need an extra one anyway, the way I lose things. It was under $7. ( I didn’t order the dogbone kind.)

  2. Bob Giddings says:

    Stop. Quit buying stuff. Wait until you’ve been in the thing for a week, then make a (short) list. After another month, throw out that stuff and make another list, even shorter. Right about then, you should be getting to where you are doing without more stuff.

    If you don’t get your house sold pretty soon, you are going to have to keep it so you’ll have a place for all the stuff you are buying for that tiny trailer. At this point in your oddyssey, you should be turning stuff into money instead of money into stuff.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bob!

      What shouldn’t I have bought? Is there any question that I’ll need any of the bigger items? What’s the point in waiting for a sewer hose support, for instance?

      You know, it’s not going to be as easy to receive online purchases once I leave Georgia. Also it’s not going to be that easy to stroll around shopping for things with my two dogs sitting in the van in this heat. I’m not going to leave them in the trailer until they’re fully adjusted.

      BTW, most of my “stuff” isn’t going into my tiny trailer.

      I don’t have anything that I want to sell. I’ve emptied out my house except for what I’m giving to Felix.

  3. Reine says:

    The only thing I wouldn’t have bought is the sewer hose support. We’ve never had one and haven’t missed it. We normally don’t camp with sewer connections and it’s too much trouble to get out at the dump station for the campground.

    The sewer hose would probably have lasted several months at least but your shipping issue is a great reason to get it now – especially since you’re using the Amazon points.

    And the air compressor is a great thing to have – especially since it’s free. Definitely worth the space it takes in the PTV.

    One more thing to try to find for free. See if someone you know would like to get rid of one of the “dishpans” they use for sponge baths if someone is bedfast in the hospital. Although sometimes a weird pinkish color, they’re the perfect size to sit in the Casita sink if you’re camping without sewer connections and want to empty the dishwater in the toilet to save capacity in the gray tank.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Maybe I won’t use the sewer hose support. I hesitated on that . . . I do like the feeling of having some help wrestling with a sewer hose.

  4. Sheila says:

    We had not read the sewer hose warning till too late. What a mess. Definitely not worth waiting to see how long one will hold up. Just leave the useless on the Casita folks give you with them and feel smug knowing that you have avoided a major mess.

  5. Steve says:

    It’s really a matter of how much work you like to do when it comes to the sewer hose stand. I went without one on my first couple of trips. I learned that not all of the contents drain when the hose just sits on the ground. I bought one after because time spent setting it up was less than the inch worm hose game I often played with it. I didn’t shell out for an expensive one but am glad I got it based on what I’d gone through.

    That being said … When I hit the road I’ll be boondocking mostly and dropping off at dump stations instead of staying at RV parks. I don’t expect I’ll be using it much then.

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