Hopelessly addicted to you

He’s alive!

My friend Felix has had his surgery and apparently the El Salvadoran doctors did not kill him as I received a text from him today:  “Hola, Susie.  See you Sunday.”  I had texted him twice over the past few weeks and got no response until now, so my mind was starting to go places it shouldn’t.

How spoiled I am.  I type a few words into a piece of plastic in my hand and become impatient when I don’t see words on it from a person over 1,300 miles away.  And I’m someone who remembers using a party line like it was yesterday.

Granny, git yer gun!

Tomorrow I finally go for my gun orientation and safety lesson.  It’s two hours, one-on-one.  Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see if I made a fool out of myself.

Poof!  There goes another comment into nothingness!

If you read my message attached to yesterday’s post, you know I’m aware that the redesigned reply box has some problems.  You may have tried to post a comment yesterday or today and it did not appear.   I want you to know I didn’t censor it.  I apologize if you went to the trouble of typing a message only to have it disappear.

You have to scroll down quite a bit to find the Post Comment button.  It is white to camouflage it against the white background of this blog.  You may have to click on it more than once.  You can ignore the twitter, facebook, and guest buttons.  WordPress has been notified of these problems and hard-working WordPress bloggers are hopeful they will be fixed (not the bloggers, silly, the problems!).

You know how you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone?

That’s the way I felt when I had zero comments to my blog for HOURS.  I realize now that I’ve become accustomed to your feedback and friendliness.  No, it’s more that that.  I NEED your comments.  I’m ready to admit that I’ve devolved into a total comments-addict.  I can’t seem to get enough and I’m powerless to change.



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12 Responses to Hopelessly addicted to you

  1. Laura says:

    Well, lookie here! I get to be the first to comment! 🙂

    Sue, I’ve become thoroughly hooked on your blog. It’s soooo fun to see what kind of trouble you all are getting into and how you manage to make lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons (read: PTV saga).

    Thanks — again — for taking us along on your journey. It really is an adventure.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the entire journey as well – wish I’d been around for more of the planning, the effort it actually took for you to get to where you are. What do you remember as being the biggest challenge??

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Debbie,

      The biggest challenge? I have a feeling it’s yet to come. But to answer your question I guess it would be the waiting. Knowing my dream was years away, that I had to scrimp and save, and all the while not let myself get depressed, which is my default mode. As for the effort to get where I am now? It’s not that interesting . . .just going to work each day, like chipping away at a huge boulder with a nail file. I had a Casita as a screensaver at my work computer. It helped me get through each day knowing I was a day closer.

      Now that the waiting is nearly over . . . I’m retired and it’s almost time to see my Casita and hit the road . . . Life is so good!

  3. We continue to enjoy your blog. So much so, we have renewed our efforts to update ours with memories of people we met along the way. If you wish, log into http://www.garvinwanderlust.blogspot.com and see what adventures await you. I know you are counting the days.

    Herb and Cindy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Herb and Cindy,

      I took a quick glance at your blog and it looks like a “keeper.” I bookmarked it so I will be sure to get back to it.

      Rving in Mexico is something I would love to do. I was in Vera Cruz in 1968 and loved the place. I bet it has changed a lot since then.

      I’m happy that you are enjoying my blog.

  4. Jack says:

    Sounds like you and felix have a history. Anything you want to reveal ?? I like the name Susie, less formal that Rvsue. lov your blog! Rubbertramp

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Felix and I are good friends. Our relationship is kind of like mother-son (substantial age difference). Sorry to disappoint — there’s no history. It sure would perk up the blog if there were!

      I don’t know why he calls me Susie. I like rvsue for my blog life because no one has ever called me that. It’s a totally new persona for my new life. Also if you do a search for ‘Susie’ there’s no telling what you’d get. Do a search for “rvsue” and you get me!

      Hey, keep on lovin’ the blog for me!

  5. bythervr says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’ve been following your blog. I’m impressed. I’m looking forward to hearing about your continuing adventures when you finally get your new home.
    All the best to you and your crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Thanks for the best wishes and the compliment. I’m looking forward to HAVING some adventures with my new home.

      I appreciate you visiting here!

  6. john says:

    HI Sue I look forward to reading your blog every day.. and reading your comments to others.. I am not one to leave many comments, but seeing as you love them,, I think its time to change my ways

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