Waiting for my Casita and saying goodbye

As soon as I got home from work I returned a call to Jonathan at the Casita facility in Texas. 

He is scheduling trailer pick-up appointments for June.  The last time I spoke with him I said I would be picking up my trailer around the second week of June.  Alas, I had to tell him I wouldn’t be able to drive to Texas until mid-July at the earliest.  I apologized for the delay and thanked him for his patience.  I even offered to send more of the balance owed as evidence of my good faith.  As usual, Jonathan was most gracious.  He courteously declined, saying, “Your trailer will be fine here.  It’s being kept inside so it’s not out in the sun.  Just call me when you’re ready to make an appointment.”


I had a wonderful time today, my last day of work.  My friends and co-workers took me to lunch and then, back at the school, we got together for cake and cookies.  The cake said “Happy trails.”  The gifts I received are perfect for a future vagabond:  a hummingbird feeder with suction cups to hold it on the window, hummingbird food, mosquito spray, homemade pear jam, little pots seeded with parsley (so I can continue gardening on the road), a gift card (more shopping ahead!) and a cast iron frypan for the campfire (already seasoned!).

They also gave me the book The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips with their well wishes written inside the front cover. 

A book of possibilities!  I love it!

Plus a bottle of wine and a set of four wine glasses.  Really nice.  Some day I’ll have my photo taken drinking that wine in front of a gorgeous view and post it on this blog.  Oh, I almost forgot!  I also got a roll of velcro!  Every travel trailering vagabond needs a roll of velcro!

As you can imagine, it was an emotional time saying goodbye.

Their wishes for my safety and happiness will go with me on my journey.



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12 Responses to Waiting for my Casita and saying goodbye

  1. Bob Giddings says:

    Actually, the delay may be perfect. I’ve visited the factory, and the brand spanking new units were outgassing fumes from fiberglass and glue, etc, and it gave me a headache to be inside one. Some were not as bad, so apparently it goes away after a bit of sitting, and I think the sun actually helps the process if the windows are open.

    It sounds like your unit is headed for the showroom floor, where newbie wannabees can paw around in it, trying to make up their minds.

    O noooooooooo! :o(

    Just kidding. I’m sure it has it’s own special place in a special drying-out building with a little white picket fence around it to prevent intrusive strangers from leaving unwanted fingerprints and eyeball marks….


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, great. Now I’ll have nightmares about people traipsing into my precious egg, using the john, dripping ice cream on the upholstery, and sticking gum into its furry walls!

      Hey, at this point, after so much waiting, the smell of fiberglass and glue would be a joy.

  2. Bob Giddings says:

    O, and the velcro may come in handy on the fiberglass, but in the Casitas I’ve seen people attach stuff to the walls with drapery hooks. The points just slide into carpeting, and you can hang substantial pictures, etc, on the part of the hook sticking out. They look a little like a square root sign.


  3. kayjulia says:

    velcro and Duct tape two good things to have with you on the road. I use them both quite often. I look forward to seeing you enjoying your wine with a gorgeous view.

    Happy Trails

    Kay Julia

    P.S. Get a cork screw too.

  4. DebbieT says:

    Did I miss the reason for the delay in picking it up?? I was thinking…. “won’t be long now till she’s describing the hitching/unhitching practice…”

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      I want to have my house sold so I can go to Texas and then continue on from there. I don’t want to pick it up, then drive back to Georgia, sell house, and then turn around and drive back. The sale has been delayed because the buyer, a friend, is out of the country for surgery.

      • Gotcha…. I was worried something had gone awry. Glad all is well. Isn’t it amazing how much less surgery costs outside the US???

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yeah. I remember when the U.S. was best at everything. At least it seemed that way. Felix said there’s no waiting a month for the surgery. You need it, you get it, and you still have some money left over for lunch.

  5. Kim says:

    Good ole Casita! Gotta love ’em! Bob had a good point about the outgassing.

    Oooooh – so such much better than a gold watch! You must be well-regarded to receive such thoughtful retirement gifts.

    You will precede me by 6 months to pick up your trailer. I’m almost as excited for you as I am for me. (But twice as jealous since I won’t retire for at least another decade).

  6. Jack says:

    Good luck Sue, do you have a GPS unit like Garmin. I dont travel without one! Jack

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