Life Jacket Photo Shoot

 The Personal Flotation Device from Paws Aboard arrives!

 What a commotion when the UPS truck pulls into our driveway!  Spike and Janie are loud enough.  Add Bridget’s high-pitched bark, no. . . scream . . . and it’s a wonder the guy stops to drop off the package.  Anyway!

Hey, Spike! Over here!

Spike models for us!

The opening of a package adds to the excitement.  Spikey was thrilled to be chosen as the test model.  I put him up on the bed and he stood very still while I strapped it on.  Then I carried him outside for a photo shoot.  (No, I didn’t carry him by the handle.)

Notice how Spike vogues. What a pro!

 I’m concerned about the fit. 

Spike takes his job as test model very seriously.

What do you think?  The strap in the front across his chest is tightened as much as possible.  Ditto for the straps that go under his belly.

I don’t like the way the front tabs are floppy and the whole vest slides. 

The construction of the vest is obviously good quality and the appearance is snazzy.  I like the neon yellow.  But if it doesn’t fit right . . .


 Do you see a potential problem here? 

That’s awfully close! Ouch.

 Is this how it’s supposed to fit?

It looks too close to me.  How’s he going to urinate without making a mess on the life jacket?  If the jacket rides back, it could chafe him or worse.

It might fit Bridget. 

I doubt it though because her back is not quite as long as Spike’s.  I’d try it on her right now, but she’s being very skittish — WHAT ELSE IS NEW — so I’ll put it on her tomorrow.

I’ll probably have to send it back.

Ever notice how things that should be simple can get complicated real fast?   Well, if that’s the worse complication I have this week, my life is pretty darn good.  No complaints here.



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8 Responses to Life Jacket Photo Shoot

  1. Sheila says:

    We have always taken our dogs canoeing with us. On lakes, rivers and the ocean and every time we have dumped, the dogs (without lifejackets) have been fine. They are always the first to get to shore, even in rapids, and stand there wagging their tails and barking gleefully while we wrestle the canoes and gear to shore. I think you only need a lifejacket for yourself.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      I’m curious. What breed are your dogs?

      You’re probably right. (See my reply to Cindy.) I’m the one the vests are for!

      • Sheila says:

        All have been mutts, mid sized and sometimes their excited moving around has been the cause of our dumping. My big worry would be doggy toenails in an inflatable canoe.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          It wasn’t until I knew some people who had an inflatable and a dog and the dog toenails weren’t a problem, that I bought the inflatable canoe. It’s pretty rugged material. Think Navy Seals on a night mission!

  2. Cindy Marchant says:

    Our Sage has a vest too as she goes out on the boat fishing with my husband on the Columbia River and when our Gorge winds come up it can be pretty scary out there. I think it’s a very good idea.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      The life vests are not just for the canine crew. I don’t know if I could relax and enjoy myself wondering when they would start bopping around in the inflatable canoe like idiots. A terrier’s instinct is so powerful… They lose their minds when it kicks in! My worry is they would hit the water, paddle like crazy going nowhere, and tire out before I could get them.

      Fishing on the Columbia … sounds wonderful!

  3. CamperPaul says:

    I agree on sending it back…

    I would include a note telling the supplier the “flotation device” is not suitable for male dogs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      CamperPaul, I like your name!

      Do you think maybe it would be okay for a male of a different breed (longer trunk)? I’m wondering if the small is going to have enough buoyancy, even if it does fit.

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