Sunshine and Shopping

Sunshine and, wow, no vehicles in for repairs. 

For you a sunshiny day may mean it’s time to head to the beach or hop on a bike or motorcycle.  As for me — today anyway — it meant a good day to dry laundry.  By 9 o’clock this morning the clothesline was laden down with freshly washed bedding and towels.  Then I played around inside the van, planning where I will put things.  Such fun!  It’s the adult version of playing dollhouse.  This made me hungry, so off I went to Keba, my favorite sandwich place!

I realized I was in the mood to shop.

I picked up two large plastic storage bins ($6.47 ea.) and some supplies to get the Honda Odyssey ready for sale and to maintain the van.  A two-pack of Armorall cleaning wipes and protectorant wipes ($6.50), a two-in-one scrubber sponge ($2.97), and a spray bottle of wheel cleaner ($4.67)  When I got home, I jumped into action, working up a sweat, wiping and polishing, scrubbing and . . .  well, no.  I went into the house instead and got online.

I was just getting warmed up.  Time to shop some more!

Umm, wouldn't a happier looking breed dog be better for sales?

I went to and bought a Midwest Pets folding exercise pen ($54.95).   No, not for me, for the dogs (wiseguy!).  The pen is constructed of 8 black wire panels, 24″ x 30,” that link together.  Ground stakes come with it.  I did the math: diameter = circumference divided by Pi (impressive, huh?) so I could visualize the size when it is set up.  Five feet across —  not very big.  However, if I like this pen I will get another one to make a 10-foot diameter enclosure.  I want to see if I need to buy the one that has a gate, so I held off buying the second one. 

Why stop there!

The life jacket on some generic dog, not a member of the Canine Crew

Next I picked out a Paws Aboard dog life jacket ($25.95).  It’s neon yellow with a handle on the back for easy rescue or if you want to carry your dog around like a pocketbook.  Spike and Bridget wear the same size (medium rotund).  Again I’m not buying the second one until I see if I like this one.  

I want to take the crew out in my inflatable canoe. 

I know they will love it.  When I inflated the canoe in the living room, they jumped in and waited for it to take off!  Spike did a pretty-good-for-a-dog impression of Leo DiCaprio at the bow of the Titanic.

Hmm-m-m-m-m  . . .  What else do I need?

Ah, I know!  A canister vac to keep my new Casita travel trailer and Chevy Express van clean and dog hair free.  Clicked on over to and found a Dirt Devil Vision Breeze “12 amps of power” vacuum for $81.54.  Add that to the cart! 

Clicked on camping gear and discovered a Coleman SUV Air Bed ($23.98).  It’s the perfect size for the back of the van.  See, the crew and I are going to “car camp” in state parks on our way to Texas this summer to pick up the Casita from the factory.  I diligently read forty thousand reviews recommending this air bed for comfort, sturdiness and value.  Add that to the cart!  Check-out!  These items will be delivered to the local store for pick up.  Free shipping. 

You may be thinking, “Hey, isn’t this supposed to be a simple living blog?” 

This shopping mania doesn’t sound like the work of someone who goes without heat or air for six years to save money.  Well, this is what I was saving for, so I can go cash-and-carry, all along the way.



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3 Responses to Sunshine and Shopping

  1. kayjulia says:

    LMAO 🙂
    Make sure that you get a repair kit for the mattress them paws have claws that go right through the fabric, I found out the hard way !


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good advice, Kay. I’ll look at the repair kit for my inflatable canoe to see if it might work. Believe me, I’m going to wrap that air bed in layers of comforter and anything else handy to make a barrier between it and the crew.

  2. William B. Kelleher says:

    In the vacuum dept. I would get a little wet & dry, you never know when it would come in handy.

    Bill Kelleher

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