Dirty Devil River Campground, Glen Canyon Recreation Area

Thursday, May 16

The Perfect Tow Vehicle carries the crew and me northward out of Bluff, Utah, on Highway 191.  The Best Little Trailer tags behind as if not even there.  Before reaching Blanding we pick up Highway 95 west.

Originally, I was going to camp around Moab.

Since it’s already mid-May, I’m saving those Colorado River camps I’ve heard so much about until another trip through Utah.  Instead we drive The Trail of the Ancients (Hwy 95) to the Glen Canyon Recreation Area on the northern shores of Lake Powell.

The drive is spectacular!

Most of the breathtaking views I pass by without taking a photo because the road is winding and up and down ridges and hills and there’s no place to pull over.  In fact the drive has me practically in a stupor.  It’s like this . . . You eat a seven-course meal and then a platter of more food is placed in front of you.  That’s what it’s like when you approach the sign for Natural Bridges National Monument.

“You mean, there’s more?”

I keep on driving without stopping.  This may be hard to understand if you’ve never been on this road.  By the time we reach Glen Canyon I’m satiated with scenic beauty!

I pull into Hite Campground in the Glen Canyon Rec Area.

What a disappointment!  It’s a parking lot of red dirt with a few picnic tables scattered about.  Plus the water for Lake Powell has been diverted so it’s a dry lake bed.  I toss up the $6 entrance fee (with Senior Pass) as a loss and drive out.  The crew and I have our standards!

We cross the picturesque Hite Bridge.

(You can see all this on the Utah Benchmark map.)  A short distance and we arrive at Dirty Devil River Campground and I immediately look for a level site.  There are only three campsites.  No one is here!  The fee is $6 regular ($3 with senior pass).  Since I’ve already donated $6 to Glen Canyon Rec Area, I don’t pay the fee here.

Our view from every side of our camp is picture-postcard magnificent!

Bridget, Spike and I have fun climbing around on the slickrock (which is not slick!).  The vistas are incredible. . . vast empty spaces for many miles.  It’s a National Geographic photo in every direction from our campsite.  I try to capture the grandeur of the place with my camera.  Unfortunately it’s an extremely overcast day but I think you can see from the slideshow that Dirty Devil River Camp is quite stunning!  Wow!  This is Utah!

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From Dirty Devil River Camp we continue on Highway 95.  This entry was written, the photos uploaded, and all of it finally posted while in the parking lot of the Chevron Station in Hanksville.

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